Monday, May 13, 2019

Blank Screen when log in to Origin

Solution :
1. Please make sure that the QtWebEngineProcess.exe is not disabled or blocked by your anti-virus - this is an integral part of the Origin client and this process not being able to run will result in a blank screen. Programs that could effect this could be an anti-virus, anti-malware, add-blocker etc. 
2.  Clear Origin cache, this is how you do it :
- If Origin is running, close it by clicking Origin in the menu bar then Exit.
  • Double-check that Origin is fully closed. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to complete all the steps.
  • To double-check, open Task Manager and go to Processes. Make sure that Origin.exe and OriginWebHelperService.exe aren’t there. If they are, end the tasks to close them.

- Hold the Windows key + R.
- In the command box that opens, type %ProgramData%/Origin then click OK.

- Delete all the files and folders inside it except for LocalContent. Do not delete this folder.

  • If you’re on Windows XP, you’ll find the ProgramData folder in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application data\Electronic Arts\
- Hold the Windows key + R again.
- In the command box that opens, type %AppData% then click OK.

- In the Roaming folder that opens, delete the Origin folder.
- Click on AppData in the address bar.

- Open the Local folder.
- Delete the Origin folder in there.
- Restart your PC and log back into Origin.

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